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Acute diarrhea

General information

    • Surveillance since 1990
    • State : active
    • Weekly surveillance : Data are published on a weekly time scale and updated when our weekly report is published
  • Case definition :
    Recent acute diarrhea (at least 3 daily watery or nearly so stools, dating less than 14 days) motivating consultation.
  • Description for each case: age; sex; hospitalization requested by the GP and if so why.

Lastest data

Data of this indicator are updated each week and available at the same time as the weekly report

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Incidence rate of {{name}} in France (mainland) from start of surveillance

Last summaries published in our weekly report

These news have been published using available data until their publication. Due to data consolidation, small variation of incidence values can be observed in the next 3 weeks

The purpose of acute diarrhea surveillance is to monitor gastroenteritis outbreaks.
In mainland France, last week (2023w11), the incidence rate of acute diarrhea cases seen in general practice was estimated at 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (95% CI [86 ; 114]). This rate is stable compared to week 2023w10 (consolidated data: 105 [93 ; 117]) and at a low level of activity compared to those usually observed in this period.

At the regional level, the highest incidence rates were noted in: Pays de la Loire (163 [0 ; 368]), Bretagne (154 [90 ; 218]) and Hauts-de-France (126 [80 ; 172]).
The purpose of acute diarrhea surveillance is to monitor gastroenteritis outbreaks.
In mainland France, last week (2023w10), the incidence rate of acute diarrhea cases seen in general practice was estimated at 110 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (95% CI [95 ; 125]). This rate is stable compared to week 2023w09 (consolidated data: 107 [95 ; 119]) and at a low level of activity compared to those usually observed in this period.

At the regional level, the highest incidence rates were noted in: Grand Est (183 [116 ; 250]), Nouvelle-Aquitaine (173 [96 ; 250]) and Pays de la Loire (148 [73 ; 223]).
The purpose of acute diarrhea surveillance is to monitor gastroenteritis outbreaks.

In mainland France, last week (2023w09), the incidence rate of acute diarrhea cases seen in general practice was estimated at 118 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (95% CI [103 ; 133]). This rate is increasing compared to week 2023w08 (consolidated data: 92 [81 ; 103]) and at a moderate level of activity compared to those usually observed in this period.

At the regional level, the highest incidence rates were noted in: Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (195 [85 ; 305]), Grand Est (176 [122 ; 230]), Nouvelle-Aquitaine (176 [113 ; 239]) and Hauts-de-France (149 [92 ; 206]).
All publications associated with this disease
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