Physicians' zone (demo)

This is an example of data collection for disease monitoring. No data will be stored.


Dear English-speaking visitor, you will find in this section a demonstration version of our data input system. Although, for security purpose, you will not be able to submit any data to our database. You can make a fake case declaration.To do so, click "declare cases" and follow the instruction.Thank you for your visit!

Active but no case to declare:     

Case of Number Personal Rollup Regional Rollup
Influenza 4 4
Acute diarrhea 5 32
Measles 5 5
Mumps 2 2
Varicella (chickenpox) 2 2
Male urtethritis 2 4
A Hepatitis(IgM antiVHA+) 2 4
B Hepatitis (Ag HBs+ et/ou IgM anti-HBc+) 2 4
C Hepatitis (anti-HCV+ antibodies) 2 4
Suicide attempts 2 4
Asthma crises 2 10
Hospitalization 4 4
Herpes Zoster 4 4