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This service will be terminated on 31 December 2024.

Dowload our data using REST API

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Request for specific data (not available online)

From the 8th of january, 2014, data of several indicators are only availble on an annual basis (cumulated incidence from week number 1 to 52/53 of each year).

Conditions for the use of our data and related media

Data, their representations (graph, tables, maps) available on our websites ( and sub-domains,, and associated documents are property of INSERM and UPMC unless otherwise specified. Non-commercial use (media, educational, ...) is free under following conditions. Recent data (concerning less than 3 weeks in the past) is not authorized in another way than using text from our weekly report.

Condition for the use of our data :

  • Do not modify data or the text commenting or interpreting those data
  • Modify position of text or legends is possible if it is still readable on the image
  • Souce must be cited as follow : réseau Sentinelles, INSERM, UPMC with a link to our website "".

Citing the Sentinelles' network

Please cite using the text : "réseau Sentinelles, INSERM/UPMC,". The website URL could be mentioned using a link on the citation in case of electronic document.

For a scientific article, you should have a look at our publication's list to find a publication close to your subject.

Historical papers about the "reseau Sentinelles" are, for example :