General information

    • Surveillance period: 1985 - active
    • Temporal resolution: Annual surveillance
    • Publication frequency: Data are updated every year when our yearly report is published
  • Case definition :
    A case that meets one of the following:
    * Unilateral or bilateral parotidian tumefaction, aching, recent, isolated or associated with a testicular, pancreatic, meningeal, or encephalic impairment.
    * In the absence of parotitis: association of orchitis, meningitis or pancreatitis and mumps seroconversion.
  • Description for each case: age; sex; contagion during the 21 days preceding the illness and if so in what environment (nursery, daycare, nanny, school, medical office, consulting or other); serological confirmation (presence of IgM or IgG rate increased by a factor of 4 at least); complications and if so which ones; vaccination status and if vaccination number of vaccine dose(s), date of vaccination and source of information.

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All publications associated with this disease
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  • Coffinières E, Turbelin C, Riblier D, Aouba A, Levy-Bruhl D, Arena C, Chiappe SG, Ferry JP, Hanslik T, Blanchon T. Mumps: burden of disease in France. Vaccine. 2012. 30(49):7013-8 PubMed HAL 10.1016/j.vaccine.2012.09.070