Suicidal attempts

General information

    • Surveillance period: 1999 - active
    • Temporal resolution: Annual surveillance
    • Publication frequency: Data are updated every year when our yearly report is published
  • Case definition :
    Any deliberated act, leading to commit a violent act on one's self (phlebotomy, precipitation, hanging, firearm, gas intoxication...) or to ingerate a toxic substance or drugs at a higher dose than what is recognised to be therapeutic. This act must be unusual : addictive behaviors (alcohol, illicit drugs) are therefore excluded as well as repeted automutilations and feeding refusals.
  • Description for each case: age; sex; history of suicide attempts; modality (medication, phlebotomy, firearms, hanging, other); patient seen in consultation prior to suicide attempt, and if so: date of last visit, suicidal thoughts, mental health patient referred within 3 months preceding the suicide attempt, prescription within 3 months prior to the act of psychotropic (antidepressants and others), psychological interview, psychological distress and/or marked depression in the year preceding the act; followed by a psychiatrist and if so exchange with the psychiatrist in the 3 months preceding the act; followed by a psychologist and whether trade with the psychiatrist in the 3 months preceding the act; hospitalization; death.

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All publications associated with this disease
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